CVS Caremark(r) can help with a comprehensive set of vaccination services with consistent pricing. Our flexible options are easy to implement and can be tailored to meet your unique strategy and member population needs. You can choose to cover your full member population or only those covered under your prescription benefit.

We offer the following program options below.


Program options for your entire population:


CVS Pharmacy(r) Flu Voucher Option

*         Flu vouchers can be redeemed at any CVS Pharmacy location, 7 days

a week during flu season*

*         Quadrivalent flu shots at $30 each and high-dose flu shots at $55


Program options for members covered under the prescription benefit:


CVS Pharmacy Vaccination Network*

*         Members can obtain flu vaccinations at more than 9,600 CVS

Pharmacy locations nationwide (CVS Pharmacy not MinuteClinic)

*         All Affordable Care Act preventive vaccines are offered at CVS

Pharmacy, including pneumonia and shingles Broad Vaccination Network*

*         Access to more than 63,000 retail network pharmacies nationwide

(including CVS Pharmacy)

*         Seasonal and non-seasonal vaccines offered, including pneumonia

and shingles

Vaccinations administered through either of our network options are adjudicated through your prescription benefit. We also offer detailed member reporting to help support program administration.

Should any of these options work for you, please let me know by July 15th.


Thank you!!




Allison Sansone Account Manager, CVS/caremark

p (401) 305- 9153   e


CVS Health 695 George Washington Highway, Lincoln, RI 02865